Dhtmlxlayout setHeight 4F does not work (v4.0.3 pro)

dhtmlxlayout setHeight on pattern 4F does not work (v4.0.3 pro). I just did a simple demo (with no extra code) and this fails to set the height of cell(“c”).

var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, '4F'); dhxLayout.cells("c").setHeight(100); dhxLayout.cells("d").setHeight(100);
cell(“d”) however does get set properly. Can anyone else reproduce this issue?


due inner logic when you resized cell d - it affect on cell c. this is not a bug. you need to change heigth for cell ‘d’ then for ‘a’ to affect on ‘c’. also you can request pattern modifcation at our sales department (or open ticket)

Thanks, but I don’t want to set the height for “a” or “b”. I want “a” and “b” to be the ones that “flex” to take up all remaining space. So you’re saying that’s not possible at this time?

low-level pattern struct should be changed for this