dhtmlxLayout this.skinParams[this.skin] is undefined


I want to use dhtmlxLayout…i encounter the following error

this.skinParams[this.skin] is undefined

which .css file i need to add for this.

this is what i am doing.

        var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, “3J”);




This error does not depends on included css files.
Could you please provide more code?

I get this error when I create a dhtmlxXWindows object with modern_blue skin then attach a layout to it, there isn’t a modern_blue skin for layout and there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell it to use any other skin when using the attachLayout function.

I really need the window to have the darker skin as it floats on top of the main app which uses the dhx_blue (default) skin and is hard to see if it is the same skin. (The customer is not happy with the dhx_black skin)

Right, it is because layout doesn’t have “modern_blue” skin. Common dhtmlx components skins for the moment only dhx_blue and dhx_black.
For using layout’s skin different from window’s skin you should edit the dhtmlxwindows.js file:
win.attachLayout = function(view, skin) {
    this.layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(obj, view, skin);
    // change to
    this.layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(obj, view, “dhx_blue”); // or “dhx_black”