dhtmlxLayout updating cells

I have an ASP page i have included in cell “A”, and would like it to update cell “B”. the content in the asp page in cell “A” is a form that allows the user to search items in a database, after submitted it refreshes the page (cell) and displays results. I have tried to then attach an onclick event to each item that i thought would update cell b. The page in cell “A” seems to not know anything about dhtmlx or the code in the layout page.

here is the line i attached to the item


i’m trying to figure out if adding a page like such


includes it into the layout page, or does something similar to an iframe.

Try this:

page main.html:

var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(…);

page page_1.html:

onclick = … parent.dhxLayout.cells…

Note that dhxLayout in main.html shpuld be global variable.

Thanks that does what i needed.