dhtmlxLayout ver 3.0 pro - RTL


I just got the 3.0 pro version, I’m trying to set the layout to be in rtl mode, but can’t seem to get it to work.

There is no rtl folder inside the dhtmlxSuite_v30_pro folder ,

What do I need inorder to make it in rtl mode?

Thank’s In Advance.


the “rtl” folder was not included in the Suite package by mistake. Please submit support ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/ and we’ll send you the “rtl” libraries.

Apologise for inconveniences.

Thank’s, I will submit the ticket now.

Hi Again,

I added the rtl folder, and when i set the window to be rtl , it does change, but the buttons on the left side are in the same order as if they were in ltr mode.
Is there a way to change them also to be rtl?



we are working on a solution. We’ll provide it to you next week.