dhtmlxLayout.view.setActive reloads the page for attachURL


I am loading a two views into a cell like this:



When I set try to switch views by using the two buttons using the below statements the URL corresponding to the view gets reloaded every time. This is resulting in the previous content not being retained and when user is entering a form the content is lost if he switches the views in between.

Button 1: onclick
Button 2: onclick

This behaviour is exhibited in Firefox 14.

In case of IE 9 when I switch views after attaching URL the last added view alone remains.
E.g: In the above case since ‘preferences’ view is added after ‘home’ view only preferences content is retained. On switching view to ‘home’ from ‘preferences’ the view is blank.

I observed that this happening only with attachURL and not other attach.

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What verdion do you use and do you use dhtmlx.js file or dhtmlxLayout.js and dhtmlxForm.js seperatуly?
It seems to me, that you issue is the same like here:
It was a bug and it was fixed

Hi Darya,

I am posting the same question in the member support section. I will post the resolution once I get the answer from the member support section. Thanks for the support.


Ok, i saw it
You are welcome!

Have the same issue, is this solved?

What DHX version do you have?

I’am here using dhtmlxLayout v.3.6 Standard edition build 130619 with terrace skin, compiled full suite with libCompiler.

Latest update was v.3.6 build 131108. Try to upgrade to it