dhtmlxMenu - Context Menu hides hovering over a separator

When you build a context menu that has a separator:

and then right-click a zone to bring up the context window with the separator…hovering over the separator with your mouse will hide the context menu.

Can this please be fixed?

Menu will close because when you hover the separator (and stop the mouse moving) - items lose selection

I understand technically why…meaning yes hovering over the separator (and stop the mouse moving) - items lose selection and the menu hides.

This however is not good User Interface design. The user is still within the polygon and doesn’t know that hovering over a separator hides the menu. If a user is nested down 3 sub-levels in the menu and just happens to be looking at all the options with their mouse over a separator…the menu hides and then they have to go through all the menu options again to get back.

It shouldn’t be hard to simply add code to make a separator act like an option…as again they are both within the polygon and the polygon should ONLY close when the user moves outside of the polygon.

Does this make sense?

Than you. We will consider this point in our future plans.