dhtmlxMenu - dhtmlXCalendar error: "dhtmlxMenuObject is not

I’ve a page with a Menu and some calendars. In Firefox everything works fine but in IE7 “everything works” but I get an js error: “dhtmlxMenuObject is not defined”. I’ve been debugging dhtmlxcalendar.js code and I’ve seen this part of the code:

    if(_isIE){//add iframe under calendard in IE (IE 6 issue with select box fix)


this.parent.style.zIndex = 10;


if(this.ifr == undefined && this.dblC == undefined){

this.ifr = document.createElement(“IFRAME”);

this.ifr.style.position = “absolute”;

this.ifr.style.zIndex = 1;

this.ifr.frameBorder = “no”;

this.ifr.src = window.dhx_globalImgPath+"/blank.html"

this.ifr.style.top = this.entObj.offsetTop + ‘px’;

this.ifr.style.left = this.entObj.offsetLeft + ‘px’;

this.ifr.style.display = this.parent.style.display;

this.ifr.className = this.style + (this.skinName?’
’:"") + this.skinName + “_ifr”;




The error is in the last line:


If I remove it everything works fine but I don’t know this is right.



in IE7 “everything works” but I get an js error: "dhtmlxMenuObject is not defined"

Try this:

    var dhxMenu;
    function doOnLoad() {
        dhxMenu = new dhtmlXMenuObject(…);

The Menu object works well, and the calendars too. Every new is in the body onload, but I get the error.

The issue is not recreated locally.

Could you please provide the sample where it can be reproduced ?