DhtmlxMenu enabled menuItems display problem

I have been working with DhtmlX for about a month.Today I stumbled on a small bug.
I have a context menu on a tree. This menu is customized before display based on the type of component selected in the tree. Initally all paste menu items in the menu are set to disabled. After a copy menu item is clicked the corresponding paste menu item is set to enabled.
Problem is the icon for the menu item is displayed in the improper place. (picture below)

Has anybody encountered this problem? Can it be fixed? I have the free version of the DhtmlXMenu. Does anybody know if the professional version has this problem too? Because I would like to know how to proceede next.

Thank you in advance for your answers!


yes, there was a similar bug in the menu. Last week we released the menu 2.6. Please try to use it.

If the problem still occurs, please provide menu code to recreate the problem.