Dhtmlxmenu - iconset: "awesome" is not working properly

It’s possible to use font awesome to setup icons in menu. But the configuration described in sample dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlx … esome.html is not working fine.

There’s 2 ways to configurate “awesome”: Using javascript-api or object-api. The former is the only working, but I need the last one. Example:

   // WORKS! Load font awesome icons
myMenu = new dhtmlXMenuObject("menuObj");
myMenu.loadStruct('{items:[{id: "eap", text: "EAP", img: "fa fa-clone"}]}');

   // CRASHES! does not load font awesome icons	
myMenu = new dhtmlXMenuObject({
	parent: "menuObj",
	iconset: "awesome",
	items: [{id: "eao", text: "EAP", img: "fa fa-clone"}]

Does anyone know the trick to get the last way working?

Using Version 5.0

Thank you for your post.
The issue is confirmed and will be fixed in the next version of the dhtmlxMenu.