dhtmlxMenu + IE : Item bug

My menu seems to initialize with the data, but items are above each others (sorry, can’t find how to call this).

See attachment for details.

Anyone has already seen it ?

After 1 day of research, I moved the dhtmlxmenu.js file in a parent directory and i changed the tag in my page and all works great with IE… but now my problem is with firefox.

My items are spaced, and children appears at the top of the screen, without any style.

See attachment.

(Edit : the problem seems to appear on Chrome and Opera too)


Could you please provide completed demo to reproduce issue localy?


After 3 days of work i finally found that it’s not a huge problem but a personal mistake. I replaced my dhtmlxMenu package by a clean one, and i changed my stylesheets directory to a the default one, and all works fine.

I think the problem was that i placed all the stylesheet into a different directory…


Okey then.