dhtmlxMenu image space

Hi ,

I’m using the rtl dhtmlxMenu , initializing it from xml file , and it has no images ,
but still to the right of the text there is extra space, padding.
how can i remove it?
(i saw an old post from 2008 about the same problem but the solution there didn’t work)



the current menu version doesn’t support rtl. rtl will be added only in the next version (we plan to release it in the end of this month)


I didn’t understand , the menu version I’m using does support rtl mode , it works good ,
did u mean that it does not support the padding inside the menu text?

Thanks for your help.

What menu version do you use ? Currently there isn’t rtl support for menu.


I’m using v25_pro. . .

this is my code:

           var menu = dhxLayout.attachMenu();

and the rtl works o.k . . is there a way to remove the space befor the text?


rtl isn’t fully supported in 2.5 version.

We are going to add this feature in the 2.6 version (it will be released in several weeks).

so if i will use the menu not in rtl mode, is it possible to remove the space next to the text?

Thanks again.

You may try to remove the space using the following css class:

<style> div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon_right div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Item_Normal, div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon_right div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Item_Disabled, div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon_right div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Item_Selected { padding:4px 4px 4px 44px; } </style>
It should be set after menu css libraries. This class is applied to all items in submenus. It means that there shouldn’t be items with images in sublevels.