dhtmlxMenu: Initialising from HTML, no images

Good afternoon,

first of all, my script:






As I filled my menu with script, my images were present as usual. With loading my script per html, my images and even the radio-buttons or the arrows are not shown. Only if I “touch” a radio-button, the “image” of a radiobutton is loaded correctly.

Is there a possibility to pre-load the images? The path to my images should be correct, as it works perfect with not loading from html.

another question:

with the second parameter of “loadFromHTML”, if I do understand, I can hide this div layer, but it is still shown in the source code of the page?

best regards



try to call methods that set images before menu intialization:


menu.loadFromHTML(‘menuData’, true);

thank you very much, now it works perfectly :wink:

now just tryin to get my menu items per sql and save them in my session…