dhtmlxMenu subitems image space

Hi ,

I’m using 2.6 pro version , using the rtl ext for the menu ,
you provided me this code before:

div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon_right, div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Item_Normal, div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon_right , div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Item_Disabled, div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon_right , div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Item_Selected { padding:4px 4px 4px 44px; }

inorder to delete the space in the right of the text (there is no images)
but it does not work…

how can i delete this space , so that the text will be aligned to the right?

Thanks again.


try to use the following:

div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_web_SubLevelArea_Polygon table.dhtmlxMebu_SubLevelArea_Tbl td.sub_item_icon { width:0px }

Hi ,

I used this lines after the css files , and nothing happened…
any other solution? Please advice.



please create the ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/ and provide the complete demo. Locally this approach has hidden the space.

Hi ,

It did work , it only had a missing “,” :

div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_web_SubLevelArea_Polygon, table.dhtmlxMebu_SubLevelArea_Tbl, td.sub_item_icon { width:0px }

another question now,
is how can i control this space witdh? i tried to make it a little bit more then 0px… so there will be some space , but did not succed… is it posible to control it? or is it only 0 or the image size?

Thanks so much for your help.


“,” should not be used - the submenu width = 0 in this case.

Locally the css, which I’ve recommended, works. Please attach the demo without the menu libraries (or provide the complete demo at support.dhtmlx.com/ )


I tried it in the example and it worked but in my code it is still not working,
I’ve attached my code…

Please Advice

Thanks so much.
dhtmlxmenu.zip (788 Bytes)


sorry to the misleading information. The class that I’ve provided before is for the “web” skin. The following one is for skyblue:

div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon table.dhtmlxMebu_SubLevelArea_Tbl td.sub_item_icon { width:0px }

works great!!

if I want to use the dhx_blue (and not dhx_skyblue) - should i use those lines also
or are they diffrent?

Thanks again!

In this case you should replace the dhx_skyblue part in the class name with the dhx_blue:

div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_blue_SubLevelArea_Polygon table.dhtmlxMebu_SubLevelArea_Tbl td.sub_item_icon
instead of
div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon table.dhtmlxMebu_SubLevelArea_Tbl td.sub_item_icon

Thanks for your help,

can I control the the width so it will be more then 0 ?

Thanks again.

You may try to increase the height:
div.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_SubLevelArea_Polygon table.dhtmlxMebu_SubLevelArea_Tbl td.sub_item_icon {