Dhtmlxmenu will not close when mouse didn't move on it

If dhtmlxmenu is a context menu, when click the right mouse and show the context menu, and then mouse didn’t move on the context menu, but move to the top-left direction, then the context menu will not auto close, even click on the page, the context menu will not close too.

Any click inside of document will close menu.
Clicking on elements outside of the page will not close the menu.
Also, please beware, that some content on the page can block click handlers, preventing menu closing.

If this issue still occurs for you, please provide any kind of a sample where the issue can be reconstructed.

Here is a sample:


  1. right click on the grid header, show the context menu for the grid header.
  2. don’t move the mouse on the context menu, move the mouse to the top-left then move the mouse down on the grid data row, don’t click mouse on the grid header.
  3. click the mouse left button or right button on the grid data row(don’t click on the header), then you can see, the grid header context menu doesn’t hide.


I can confirm the issue with header-menu in the grid.
Fix will be included in the next build
If you have a support subscription and need the fix ASAP - please open a ticket at support support.dhtmlx.com