dhtmlxmessage attach Layout

I found we can able to attach all dhtmlx components to dhtmlxmessage by giving parameter content:true. But when I attach the layout, I can able to view the layout and its child in the screen. Can you please help on this?.

Can you provide a code snippet for which issue occurs?

The following is the simple code I am trying. The layout is not visible where I can able to see in ‘Inspect element’ option.

var propBox, dhxpropTab, dhxpropForm;
var defaultSkin="dhx_black";

        propBox = dhtmlx.modalbox({
            title:"View Properties",
            buttons:["OK", "Cancel"],
            width: "465px",
            height: "570px",
            callback: function(index) {
                if (index == 0) {
                        alert("OK Pressed");
                        return true;
        dhxpropLayout = propBox.attachLayout("2E");

Problem confirmed, try to use the attached js file instead of the original one.
message_updated.zip (2.26 KB)