dhtmlxmessage confirm issue

hi, this is my code

dp_presenze.attachEvent("onBeforeUpdate",function(id,status){ var event_object = scheduler.getEvent(id); if(event_object.isIntervento == "true" && (event_object.isAssIntConfermata == "true" || event_object.conferma_assegnazione == true)) { return dhtmlx.confirm({ title: "Close", type:"confirm-warning", text: "Are you sure you want to do it?", callback: function(risposta) {alert(risposta);} }); } return true; });

dhtmlx.confirm return an object (confirm window) and only callback function return true or false. Dataprocessor take the object returned by dhtmlx.confirm and it doesn’t wait true o false response given by callback function so it send data to server. I am sure that i am not using dhtmlx confrim message properly can you help me?

thank you.

Custom confirm box is async, so you can’t use it in the same way as native confirm

In case of above code, you can always return false from the event handler and from inside callback trigger necessary action if result was a true.