dhtmlXPopup - for which browser version


Dear all,
Sorry if I’m missing an obvious thing (may be it is described already somewhere), but is there any recommended version for IE if I want to use the dhtmlXPopup with “attachGrid” functionality ?
My problem is the following:
. On Chrome, Firefox, and IE10, no problem.
. On IE7, with the same code, the grid is created in the popup (I can see it with “IE debug bar” or equivalent) but it is not appearing.

The version of the product used is the 3.6 pro (with license).

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I forgot to mention: the code is the same as the one in the “sample” folder.
I have a toolbar, a popup initialized, then I attach the grid and load it with the xml from the examples.
A simple “copy / paste” of the basis actions given in demo.

As a comparison, on the same popup, the example code given for “attachList” action is working fine in all browsers.



Hi all,

Ok, I have solved (definitively I hope) the problem:
-> I have to manage the style property “visibility” of the div used as anchor for the grid in the popup.
I can find it with “_nodeId” from the dhtmlXPopup, and in the events “onShow” and “onHide” I switch the property from “inherit” to “visible” (and vice-versa).
Then the grid appears.