dhtmlxRibbon - API


We are reviewing the dhtmlxRibbon to determine it is a viable control for a web application we are developing.

I understand and have gotten loading of segments, buttons, and text to work using the constructor. Is there a means to dynamically add buttons, text, or menu items using the API methods after the constructor has executed?

This is a highly dynamic web application and I’m not sure it will be feasible to continually have to reload the entire ribbon if menu items need to be added or data needs to change.

Please advise.



please clarify what exactly would you like to add dynamically?

For example, dynamically adding button select menu items from a background web service call or using the API to add or remove menu item options.

Or is it possible to just get the dhtmlxMenu object from the ribbon so the menu API can be used directly from the calling code?


[unofficial] you can try to get menu instance by using myRibbon._items[id].menu and then simply add items to menu