dhtmlxScheduler 2.3 - Released

This is standalone version, not plugin for WP or Joomla

Edit: package was updated on 9/13/2010, update fixes regression in automatic options loading

Donwload url
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxS … eduler.zip

New features
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … what_s_new

Major changes

  • Map view was added
  • Cell mode for Timeline view was added
  • Tree mode for Timeline view was added
  • Tooltips for all views were added
  • Abbility to create new events by double click or by drag-and-drop in Timeline mode
  • Abbility to move events by drop-and-drag in Timeline mode
  • Abbility to create new events by external drag and drop

Minor changes

  • Week-number format option was added
  • full_day configuration option added
  • event_duration and auto_end_date configuration options added
  • Multiselect section for details form
  • Checkbox, combo, radio - sections for details form
  • Preventing events collisions for recurring events
  • extra parameters were added to timeline-related handlers
  • api of mini-calendar extension extended
  • custom form implementation simplified


  • incorrect processing of specific iCal datasources
  • incorrect event rendering for overlapping events

Hello Stas,

sounds like great work. Are you able to please specify the last bullet “incorrect event rendering for overlapping events”? Could be massively interessting for me, cause i got major problems with this stuff (there’s a big thread of mine within this forum).

 Are you able to please specify the last bullet "incorrect event rendering for overlapping events"?

We have optimized process of event placement, to eliminate empty spaces.
Now event bar must take top-most|left-most position, where it possible - which will result in more compact data presentation.

There seems to be a problem with full day event,look at the picture below,that checkbox is misplaced,and as you can see,I customed the calendar style(using skin bulider),is that relevant?

Problem confirmed, existing skin builder doesn’t have styles for new features.
It will be updated in nearest times.

Note that in Tooltips, removeProperty method is not supported in IE8 and earlier (quirksmode.org/dom/w3c_css.html and look for removeProperty).

In ext_tooltip.js code like


doesn’t work in my IE8 (removeAttribute method works fine for this browser).

Moreover, there seem to be a bug in Firefox (using 3.6.8) in timeline hour view (scheduler 2.3).
I have an event that lasts from july 22 to july 30.

IE8 displays the event correctly:

FF3 displays it as follows:

Switching back to dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js from version 2.2 makes FF display the event correctly. Currently, I have dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js from 2.2 and the rest of the files from 2.3. I’m not sure though if it breaks anything (so far haven’t noticed any anomalies…).

Problem with tooltip - fixed
Problem with timeline - probably fixed, not sure is it was above case or some other one ( incorrect position in case of very narrow timeline scale )

If you have any of above problems - just re-download package from the same URL, it was updated with fixed js files.

Skin builder updated to be compatible with latest scheduler 2.3

Upgraded to 2.3 for WP. Afterwards, none of my calendar entries show up in the widget or the full calendar display. I uninstalled and then re-installed 2.3. Now the calendar entries show up in the widget area but I can no longer get to the full calendar. I see the Scheduler page but when I attempt to view that, I get a Not Found, Error 404. When I click on any of the date links in the widget area, I get the same error message. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Hi, I just upgraded from 2.0 to 2.3 and my calendar is no longer working. The following error message pops up 8 times when going to the scheduler page in wordpress.

Error type: Configuration
Description: Incorrect cell type:

And the event configuration is now blank.

How can I go back to version 2.0?


If you have problem with scheduler after update ( which must not occur, if you just upgrading from version 2.0 ) , load admin panel and press Save Changes button - which will reapply settings and must fix most issues.


I have updated the WordPress Event/ Calendar Scheduler from version 2.0 to 2.3. But, after the updating, I lost all the calendar entries and also custom fields. I did try to use the ‘Save Settings’ button, but the problems remain.

Could you advice me how to fix this error?


P/s: After I revised the scheduler to version 2.0, it’s working fine.

I have the same issue and I got a empty popup when I open the calendar.

You can check www.radratz.de -> Kalender
No entries and a empty popup since the upgrade.

Do you know a solution to fix it ?

Best regstes,

Hello, praeTorian.

Are you using the latest (2.3) version of the scheduler?
Try updated first, if it still doesn’t resolve this issue then try following:

  1. Open Wordpress admin site
  2. Settings -> General
  3. WordPress address (URL) option — add ‘www’ part to the address
    For example, you have radratz.de, change it to the http://www.radratz.de

Best regards,

Yes. I’m using the newest version 2.3 and checked your action plan. But, all looks right.

All feedback is welcome to fix the problem.


PS: Now, I’m using 2.0 again.

i’m moving to v2.3to have possibility to use getRecDates function, but i’m having problems with this function.
I have this error : Erreur : this.transpose_type is not a function
Notice that i’ve tried also to loop ever this function like this :

dates = getRecDates(IDs[i]);

and it bugs with a message from the browser tellin a end of the script !

Can you help please


The code can occur if you have invalid rec_type ( rec_pattern ) value.
It seems that scheduler tries to decode it but fails.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.