dhtmlxScheduler 3.0?

I noticed that DHTMLX 3.0 was released yesterday, but it did not include an update to the Scheduler. I have been looking forward to the new version of the dhtmlxScheduler, as it is supposed to keep the ‘All Day’ events in the Week view on top of the visible page, regardless of what the start time of the calendar is.

I’m also hoping that it will incorporate the ‘one local database’ concept from DHTMLX v3.0.

Any idea when the update to dhtmlxScheduler will be released?

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And a lot more useful features :wink:

No, such use case is not very actual for scheduler as it’s pretty standalone and has all it’s data.

Need to be careful here so my words won’t bite me later :slight_smile: but it should happen this month.

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Awesome! Thank you!! :smiley: