dhtmlxScheduler 3.6 vs dhtmlxGrid 3.5

I have dhtmlxGrid from 3.5 version suite, and I am trying to test the scheduler 3.6. Everything works fine when I add scheduler in to my page. However, when I add dhtmlxGrid in (two browsers I test):

  • Chrome: show error message on console below:
    Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

  • Firefox: crash

Can you help me with that to see if I can integrate the new Scheduler product into my existing project of datagrid.

Thank you,

What is the order of js files?

It wil be safe to

a) include dhtmlxscheduler.js first
b) do NOT include dhtmlxcommon.js, dhtmlxdataprocessor.js, dhtmlxconnector.js ( all of them are already a part of dhtmlxscheduler.js )

I will try that and let you know the result. thanks

Brillion, it’s working. Thank you.