dhtmlxScheduler_4.3.1 ASP.Net (Framework 4.0)

Hi, can dhtmlxScheduler 4.3.1 be used in ASP.Net (Framework 4.0)?

I tried the article (docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/how_to_start.html) yet cannot figure out how to initialize it:

scheduler.init(‘scheduler_here’, new Date(),“month”);

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Timothy

dhtmlxScheduler is a client-side component, so it can be used on any platform.
You can check this article, it describes how to use scheduler with asp.net mvc app (although it uses old version of mvc) dhtmlx.com/blog/dhtmlxscheduler-for-net-mvc/
Alternatively you can check out the .NET edition of the component scheduler-net.com/


Thank you for the quick response. I came across the article (dhtmlx.com/blog/dhtmlxscheduler-for-net-mvc/) myself the other day that you just now suggested and could not get it to work. It is for C# MVC. I am trying to use it with ASP.Net (VB) (Framework 4.0). Is there someone that has a sample?

Thank you in advance.


Following through (docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/how_to_start.html) again I discovered that it renders fine in the Internal Browser within Visual Studio 2010. The issue is that it does not render in IE 11. I did download dhtmlxScheduler 4.3.1 (28-Apr-2015). Would you have any thoughts?

Thank you in advance.


Check Scheduler.ASP.NET.VB sample from a trial package.

It is hard to tell what may have gone wrong without seeing the demo, but most probably it is caused by css sizes of container - make sure that scheduler container have some initial height set. The simplest way to ensure is by setting

scheduler.Height = 600

where ‘scheduler’ is instance of DHXScheduler class


Thank you again for your quick response and suggestion. I tried adding scheduler.Height = 600; but that did not help.
What I did discover is that the calendar does render if I comment out the line:

Would you have any idea why that would be?

Please and Thanks, Timothy

can you attach a demo or give a link to web page, so we could check what’s wrong?


Thank you for your reply. Sorry, I should have attached the page when I posted my question. I have done that now.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
test.zip (835 Bytes)

I get it now, thanks.
I thought you are using dhtmlxScheduler for ASP.NET ( this one scheduler-net.com/ ) so my previous answers wasn’t very helpful.
Make sure you setting height of a scheduler container, than it should be displayed correctly:

<div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" style='width:100%; height:600px;'>

The updated page file is attached
test.zip (720 Bytes)


You are awesome! That worked, thank you so much.

Now I just need to get it to work with Microsoft SQL 2012 (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=49648) and I can finally get the approval to give you guys some money!

Thank you in advance Aliaksandr. Keep up the excellent work!