dhtmlxScheduler 6.0.2 return undefined

I had spent 2 days to fix this issue. So I deeply appreciate someone can help me out off this problem.
I follow this guide to create a sample Scheduler


The Scheduler is loading events from from MySQL database, but when I create, update and delete events, It keep returning “undefined” 404 error. See the attached screenshot. error|690x396

Here is my dhtmlx Scheduler URL:

Please help!

Thank you,

I attached my api.php file here

api.php (2.4 KB)

Most likely, it is connected to DataProcessor which has moved from the global dataProcessor function to the scheduler.DataProcessor function:
https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/migration_from_older_version.html#5360 ;
It seems that we have an error in the guide and the demo on GitHub has not been updated. We will fix the guide and the demo ASAP.
Try to replace the following code:

// send updates to the backend
var dp = scheduler.createDataProcessor("data/api.php"); 
// set data exchange mode

by this one:

var dp = scheduler.createDataProcessor({
   url: "data/api.php",
   mode: "JSON"

If it doesn’t help you, please send me a ready demo with all the necessary JavaScript files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.

Hi ArtyomBorisevich,

Yes, your solution works for me. I started straight to V.6.0.2, so I did not read the “migration” docs.

Thanks a lot for your answer which save a lot my times.

Dan H.