dhtmlxscheduler_container_autoresize bug?



I’m using dhtmlxscheduler_container_autoresize and the timeline extensions. If I’ve to scrolldown to view the last sections and I try to dblclick in some of the last rows the screen scrollsup with no reason before creating the new event. That generates an error when I try to get the context data with scheduler.getActionData(e) because the x and y coordinates are bad.

Example: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/2ef1fc16

Please can you tell me a workaround? Now, sometimes, when people add events to the last rows these events are created in another row.




Is it a confirmed bug? I can send it to support@


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we’ve confirmed the bug and are looking into it right now.
I’ll give you an update when we’ll have a fix


Has this been fixed?


Hi @Contente

Yes, please check the new snippet with latest Scheduler version (v.5.3.8 now): https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/5/06fbd70f7