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I’ve checked your live function and there is look like drag&drop is not fully work.
e.g. I need to use the functionality for copy of events from some day to another day. just pick up some event and COPY not move to another day, or mark more the one event (press e.g. CTRL) and put a copy of event to another day. But this is not working, is it a feature or I’ve used in wrong way?

If it’s a feature - do you have a plans to develop this kind of issue? Copying of event using drag and drop.

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It doesn’t supported in current version of scheduler and so far we have not plans to add such functionality

By the way, you can include
and use ctrl-c, ctrl-v to copy selected event.


I’m not happy with this, but I’ve tried to use in this minimal variatiion - like you described (ctrl+C - ctrl+V) using dhtmlxscheduler_key_nav.js but it’s not working.
Could you help me with this - what I have to do to be able use ctrlC+ctrlV to copy of events.

Thank you very much and have a nice day
Pavel KOCI


Be sure to check our included sample: /scheduler/samples/03_extensions/07_navigation_plugin.html

Select any event in day/week view, press Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V.

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I’ve just test it, but this feature is absolutly insufficient, the way how ctrl+c & ctrl+V is done is unusable.

  1. it’s not a possible to copy more the one event.
  2. it’s not a possible to paste event where user need, event is paste on the same place like original.
    It’s quite archaic technickque, isn’t it?

When I want to copy all events from some period (from some day or week) to another period (to another day or week) - this feature feature will not help me.

Do you have any idea how to get user some “solution” for this purpose?

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Pavel Koci

Scheduler doesn’t have concept of multi-selection, so it not possible to select multiple events at once. ( from api point of view - it possible to iterate from existing events and make their copies with necessary modifications, but still there is not gui for multiple selection )