dhtmlxScheduler - event header


Is it possible to remove the event header ?

I try to put 0px width in the “.dhx_cal_event .dhx_title” style , but I’d like that the event body use the new space available.

Thanks in advance




to hide header you can use change the css:

.dhx_cal_event .dhx_title{
border-width:0 1px 0

and redefine header template:

scheduler.templates.event_header = function(){ return “”; }

But unfortunately it isn’t possible to use avalable space in this case.

Can we make the event header show 2 lines of text in Day and Week modes?

Not really, this part is hardcoded, and while you can change height of header by css, it will break event sizing.

Is this still not possible or has this been made possible in latest version (to reuse the space if header is not wanted).

you can define a custom render for event boxes, it should allow customizing the header

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … t_box.html
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/custom … splay.html