dhtmlxscheduler + ie8 JavaScript Problem

my scheduler is working really good (IE6, IE7, IE9, FF, …) but i have a problem with IE8
(we used before, so i never had this problem)

we use the version 2.1 or 2.2 (how can i find it out?)
(hopefully i don’t have to upgrade to 3.0, because there are too many customization, this would be really painful)

the firstproblem i got is an error in interface.js?schedulerSeamRemoteManager
interface.js is a javascript file, provided by SeamRemote - but it’s working in every browser except IE8

I also used

scheduler.config.prevent_cache = true;

as Ilya mentioned it here

do you have any clue, what the problem could be?
(worst case: i have to load this specific scheduluer page, as an IE7 page, but this would be very ugly)

Can you provide the online demo of the problem ( you can share link through PM or send it to support@dhtmlx.com ) ?

Scheduler itself doesn’t change global objects so it must not cause any effects on third-party libs. ( to be safe you can include scheduler first and all other libs after it )

sorry, it is unimpossible to give you access to the plattform (company policy)