dhtmlxScheduler issue with CENTOS..??

Hi, we are trying to integrate dhtmlxScheduler into a small app, we got a postgresql database, and we’re developing with the zend framework…. so far everything went ok, it works perfectly in our PCs, (W7 and ubuntu 10.04), but the problem appears when we put it in the CENTOS server, it stop saving the appointments, it show the calendar perfectly, I can click and create the task, give it time, write comments, an everything… Then I hit save, and It seems it saved OK, but the appointment was not saved…!! if I click again in the user there is nothing in his timeline, it didn’t save the info I just give it… and that only happen in the server, doesn’t occur in our PCs… it works awesome here. We had checked for folder write access, for any caption issue, and nothing… I’m running out of options, so if anyone can give me any light about this issue I’ll appreciate it a lot…
Thanks in advance.

a) version of PHP, connectors will work only with php 5.x
b) you can enable logs in connector - it will provide some extra info about saving operation and possible errors

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … nd_logging

Thanks, Stanislav, for such a quick answer, the server php version, its the 5.3.3, so it can’t be a vesion issue… I’m gonna turn on the log and see what happen…

Thaks again