dhtmlxScheduler - Loading animation

Hello there,

short question: I have (and i think it is standart?) the “show_loading” true, but i have never seen this animation…

When / where SHOULD it approach and is it right located when i donwload and extract the archive and start the samples?



and i think it is standart?
Yes, it available in all versions.

If you have
scheduler.config.show_loading = true;
then during each loading operation , the progress bar will appear.
You need not to do any special preparations for it.

Scheduler uses codebase/imgs/loading.gif for animation. If xml has small size then it may be too fast to detect ( it hardly detectable while testing locally, but must be visible if you checking it on remote server )

Thanks for your Answer :slight_smile:
So local it is too fast i guess… :slight_smile:

Keep up the good support Support-Team :slight_smile: