dhtmlxScheduler mobile some bugs


While trying and customising the sample of the mobile scheduler i have found a few bugs.
For saving and loading the data i’m using asp.net.

  1. When saving an appointment a request is sent to the server with the data for the appointment in parameters in the querystring. The problem is that the parameter keys always begin with the id of the appointment (example of key: 1314888998989_id). Because of this i can’t just get the values needed using the keys because they are always different (because of the id).

  2. I have a problem when deploying the website to iis 7.5.
    The css files dhtmlxscheduler_mobile.css and dhtmlx.css aren’t fully sent to the client. Always when there is a piece of code like ::-webkit-input-placeholder in the css file, for some reason iis only sends the css until the first :. The rest of the css file isn’t sent to the client. Because of this the mobile scheduler isn’t displayed correctly.

  3. The next bug i will explain using an example.
    First you add an appointment from 18.00h - 19.00h. Then you add an appointment from 18.30h - 19.30h. As last you add an appointment from 19.30h - 20.00h. Al these appointments are added on the same day in day view.
    When you do this the last appointment doesn’t stretch over the whole width of the scheduler.
    It only goes to the beginning of the second appointment. This is strange because there is no overlap with the second appointment.

  4. The following is a fault in some code on the documentation page http://docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtmlxscheduler:mobile_advanced.

Under the menuitem “Main bottom toolbar” there is the following code to customise the toolbar:

scheduler.config.bottom_toolbar = [
		{ view:"button",id:"today",label:scheduler.locale.labels.icon_today,inputWidth:scheduler.xy.icon_today, align:"left",width:scheduler.xy.icon_today+6},
		{ view:"segmented", id:"buttons",selected:"schEvents",align:"center",multiview:true, options:[
			{ value:"schEvents", label:scheduler.locale.labels.list_tab,width:scheduler.xy.list_tab},
			{ value:"schDayEvents", label:scheduler.locale.labels.day_tab,width:scheduler.xy.day_tab},
			{ value:"monthEvents", label:scheduler.locale.labels.month_tab,width:scheduler.xy.month_tab}
	{ view:"button",css:"add",id:"add", align:"right",label:"",inputWidth:42,width:50},
	{ view:"label", label:"",inputWidth:42,width:50, batch:"readonly"}

When i put this code in my page the toolbar didn’t work anymore.
So i took a look in “dhtmlxscheduler_mobile.js” and there i found the following code:

scheduler.config.bottom_toolbar = [
		{value:"list",label:scheduler.locale.labels.list_tab, width:scheduler.xy.list_tab},

When i pasted this code in the exact same place on my webpage the control worked, and i can now customise the toolbar.

  1. In month view, when i click on add (+ sign), the date displayed in start and end is always the current date. I would expect that it should display the date i clicked on in month view.

  2. On an ipad when the scheduler is loaded in landscape and i turn the ipad to portrait and then to landscape again, the scheduler doesn’t fit anymore on the screen.

  3. When i delete all appointments of a day in month view the arrow in the down right corner doesn’t go away.

  4. Sometimes when i want to delete an appointment on an ipad (safari browser) i get the javascript error: “TypeError: Result of expression ‘date.getFullYear’ [undefined] is not a function”.
    When this happens the appointment is not deleted and then i have to refresh the browser.
    This error mostly happens already on the second delete.