dhtmlxScheduler onclick event does not work in Year View

Hi, All!

I tried to put an onclick event handler on scheduler year view sample this way:

file: samples/03_extensions/04_year_view.html:

I tried on dates that has events! but the event does not fire. On Day, Month or Week view it fires well as expected!

(a similar problem was mentioned, but not solved, on topic: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=20878&start=0)

Could you help me? Thanks a lot!

Even though it is old topic, but it might be useful for others who needs a solution.

I’m new at using this tool, but after a little digging around I found some things.

First of all, when day is clicked a view changes from “year” to “week”. This can be prevented by setting configuration:

scheduler.config.active_link_view = "year";

This will force a view to change from “year” to “year”. Change still occurs.

Secondly, these two events are connected to view change:

[/code] and [code]

“onViewChange” event was perfect form my needs.