dhtmlxScheduler - overflow


been playing around with the dhtmlxScheduler. Had a significant drawback that is crucial for prod use:

- when we have a lot of events scheduled in the same timeslot, your calendar UI seems to break…the events just overflowed the cell area. Hence viewing/selecting the events are impossible for a user…

Is this a bug? Anything we can do to have the cells probably resize themselves?

Any suggestions to make this usable is welcomed!



Overflow of events in monthly view is a known issue, we are working on updated version, which will handle such situation in more graceful way.
If you need solution ASAP , we can provide some kind of beta code in few days.

yes, any beta code or code modifications are welcome.

i will have to test it and evaluate it. could help you out with some feedbacks too…

could you still please advice me how you are going to fix this overflow issue? (i just want to know what the final solution/fix will be like)




The height of cell will auto-increase , if default height is not enough to show all events. ( it will introduce v-scroll, but it is a lesser evil in such situation )

Updated js file is attached to email - you can try to use it instead of original one

dhtmlxscheduler.zip (17.2 KB)