Dhtmlxscheduler positioning

I’m trying to fit the dhtmlxscheduler into an existing framework (built on a 960.gs layout). This means I’m trying to fit the dhtmlxscheduler into a 940px width div. I’ve set the height myself.

Initially, the dhtmlxscheduler was showing at the top of the window. I’ve corrected that by replacing a couple of position:absolute items with position:relative. Specifically on: dhx_cal_navline, dhx_cal_header and dhx_cal_data.

Now, when I go to click on an event and drag it around, it immediately jumps down by 70 or 75 minutes (depending if I move the mouse up or down when dragging).

I believe this is due to the fact that in dhtmlxscheduler_debug.js there is code setting the “top” position of element in numerous places.

I firmly believe that these should be calculated RELATIVE to the top of the dhx_cal_container div and NOT ABSOLUTELY.

Can this be made into an option somehow?

Actually, if you change position of top element to relative

all functionality will work correctly, after such modification you can change position and size of scheduler in any necessary way.

Starting from the next version , top container will have such styling by default.

Thanks. That worked perfectly!