dHTMLxScheduler possible bug

Hi, first of all great work with dHTMLxScheduler, it’s a very nice piece of software.

I don’t know if i’ve found a bug or simply i’m doing something wrong: in day view, if you click on an event (in order to make visible the side menu), then change the day and click again on another event, underneath the new event i see the old selected event.

Probably there’s another problem in the month view of the week 25 october-1 november: simply dragging an event from a day to another makes the start and end hour change back, 1 hour each step.

The same behavior are present on the demo on your site. Please tell me if there’s something i’m missing here


Please try to use the updated codebase ( attached ), it must resolve all above mentioned issues.
codebase_scheduler.zip (48 KB)

A question:

I read often that you fixed somethign and attached a codebase…
Cann you tell me, is in every thread a differnet codebase?
I mean, which one should i take, which one is the most actuall one ?!

I can’t hanlde it… :frowning:

On moment of this post, the attached codebase is latest one and contains all previous fixes, so you can use it.

thanks for the quick reply. The second issue is resolved, no more shift back while dragging in month view, but the first one is still present.
Basically, in day view, if the side menu is present on one event, that event will appear if you click on another event, even if the day is different. And i noticed that the events on the 25th october are shifted forward one hour: my event starts at 8:00 but it appears on the 9:00 row (it happens only on that particular day).

Thanks again for all your work

Sorry for the quick answer, the problem is still there, not anymore on the october month view but it appears if you go on the november view and try to drag an event before 1st of november. Moreover, now all the events after the 25th cannot be dragged at the start of the day (my calendar start at 8:00 and i cannot drag the event before 9:00)

Sorry for inconvenience, one more fix is attached to the post, it must resolve creation issue for all dates.

>>Basically, in day view, if the side menu is present on one event, that event will appear if you click on another event
Is it occurs for online samples as well, or only in case of your custom code?
If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.

codebase_latest.zip (48 KB)

With this new version the issues regarding the month view seems all gone, now i can drag&drop an event in every day in october&november without any hour shift, thanks.
I’ve still the problem for the 25th of october, where all the events are created an hour after their real start date.
The issue in the day view is present also in your online sample, try to click on an event, so the side menu appear, then change the day and click on another event.

Hi, do you have any news regarding the 25th of october issue? It’s still present in your online demo. There is also on the 28th of march, but on that date the events are displayed on the grid an hour before their real start date