dhtmlxscheduler - Requirement for multiple columns

Dear Team,

Thanks for providing such a wonderful control.

I am trying to use the dhtmlxscheduler control for Appointment scheduling. I need to schedule the appointments as per the following format :

Its a Datewise Appt scheduling . Not Weekwise /Monthwise.

Date : 17 Jun 2008

Time Doctor1 Doctor2 Doctor3 Doctor4


07.00 |

07.15 |

07.30 |

07.45 |

08.00 |

Is it possible to do this with the dhtmlxscheduler. Request your help in this regard.

Thanks and regards



unfortunately, the current version doesn’t support this feature. But we’ll try to add it to the next scheduler version.

In the current version the customization can be done by additional fee. If you are interested in it, please contact us at sales@dhtmlx.com