dhtmlxScheduler : 'scheduler' is undefined IIS 7

Hello everyone.

I need your help, my problem is similar to topic “dhtmlxScheduler : JScript error - ‘scheduler’ is undefined”, I download the trial version for evaluation, and check it in VS2010, if I run the project with the local server of VisualStudio that´s ok the calendar is visible, but when run it from visual studio on a local server iis (7), the calendar does not appear.

What can a I do?

Thanks for your help


by default scheduler uses absolute urls to load scripts and process data operations, so your project should be a root of the web application(if you attach it to iis by creating virtual directory, then iis server will be a root).
you can either
1)to create new site on the local iis, set its physical path to your project folder and set the property Use Local Web Server->Project url to this site url
2)to use relative paths in scheduler’s configuration

var scheduler = new DHXScheduler();
scheduler.Codebase = "Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler";
scheduler.DataAction = "UrlToDataAction";
scheduler.SaveAction = "UrlToSaveAction";

Hi Aliaksandr,

Can you provide some screen capture to show the IIS setting (iis 7.5)

Thank so much.


there is no specific settings. The most probable reason of “‘scheduler’ is undefined” error is an incorrect path to codebase folder.
This may happen in application runs in virtual folder on IIS, so absolute paths that worked in VS doesn’t work there.
Try specifying paths as following:scheduler.Codebase = this.ResolveUrl("~/Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler");// WebForms //or scheduler.Codebase = Url.Content("~/Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler");// MVC

If nothing helps, can you attach a demo, so I could check the issue?