dhtmlxScheduler + Search feature

Hi guys,

Thanks for you fantastic support. I was just playing around scheduler for a quite a while. and realized that only web 2.0 feature missing is SEARCH across the views. that would be fantastic If we can have it


there is getEvents method. It returns a collection of events, which occurs in defined period:

dhtmlx.com/dhxdocs/doku.php?id=d … _getevents

I think, I have already gone through the approach. what I mean is, there should be an event search box beside view tabs and whenever user is typing into it, it should suggest the event name and on click of it, opens the details form. specially for year view, it will be really use full.

Currently there isn’t such a functionality in scheduler.

But it’s an interesting idea. Possibly we’ll add it in one of the future scheduler versions.