In your documentation for dhtmlxscheduler:settings_config, it shows the following setting:
◦scheduler.config.server_utc - {boolean} if enabled component will convert server side dates from utc to local timezone, and backward during data sending to server;

Where would I place this directive to resolve the UTC time difference in the queries? I don’t see a settings_config.php file in this plugin. Thanks.

This is client side setting, it need to be added to the client side ( javascript ) initialization of scheduler. Currently the only way to do it - customize schedulerConfigurator.php - we plan to add a bit more easy way of client side customization in the oncoming update.

Thanks for the response. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place for a modification so here is my problem. In SchedulerHelper.php when constructing $this–>date_start_ts in function get_dates, it is using the UTC time and not the local time. Consequently, $this–>date_start_ts is off by +7 hours. Under WordPress/Settings, it shows UTC time is 2010-09-01 14:57:02 and local time as 2010-09-01 7:57:02. Changing the Timezone to a local timezone didn’t help change the UTC time either - been there, done that.

Is there a .php or .js file where I can enforce the use of local time?