DHTMLXscheduler + TimeZone


I want to display the all three US timezone in DHTMLXscheduler, So let me know is it possible, and it will be great few you send me some example Link.


Abhishek Shukla

Can you provide some more details, what do you mean by “all three US timezone” ?

Thanks for your quick response,
Sorry not three But all the four USA Time Zone. The DHTMLXscheduler on the left bar should display the all the four USA Timezone.

Thanks for the help.

Abhishek Shukla

The dates, in left scale-bar defined by

You can redefine it in the necessary way

var hour = scheduler.date.date_to_str("%H");
var base = hour(date); //get hour value
//form final string
var html = " Zone1: "+base+"
Zone2: "+(base+1);

return html;

Thanks for your response let me be more clear with what I am exactly looking for.

Basically the Scheduler Calendar should show three time zone

PST  MST  EST                            27 Aug 2009         
3:00  2:00   00:00
2:00  1:00   23:00 

But currently I am only able to see only one row, So please help me to Fix the Calendar.


Or just to make question more simpler can we have more then one “scheduler.templates.hour_scale - y-scale on day and week views;” if so how can we implement it,.

There is only one scale cell per hour , so it not possible to have few templates in the same time.
Still, something similar can be achieved - please check the attached sample.

97392.ZIP (35 KB)

Thanks a ton that worked :slight_smile: … But one and the last query now on the header of all the three column i want to show “PST EST MST”, So I am trying by myself but no success yet.

Abhishek Shukla

You can place a custom html element at the necessary position.
Please check the updated sample.
81273921.ZIP (35.1 KB)