Dhtmlxscheduler_treetimeline. drag and drop

I’m showing two schedulers on a page, both with with treeview extensions. I’d like to be able to drag an item from one of the treeviews to create a schedule item in another (essentially the second is a list of resources that I’d like to schedule).

Is there any support for making the treeview items draggable?


As I understand, you mean this functionality

Do you want to have an opportunity to drag an item from one the dhtmlxtree component to both Scheduler instances?

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Thanks for the reply! This I get! I’m trying to implement the same behavior from the treeview plugin in the scheduler.

Hi. how to implement timeline view in angular 5/6 .


Timeline view is a part of Pro version, you need to add your build with Pro version to your project by hand as it described in the article
Then Timeline view will be available in your angular project.