dhtmlxscheduler with round edges.is it possible?

Hi .

I have attached here a design of week view calendar. Here the calendar edges are round edged.
The previous,day,week, month ,next images, a text box and an image button are inside a rounded edged rectangle.There is also a thin vertical scroll bar.The date displayed on top of each column is not seperated by lines. The day,month tabs are also round edged.

I wish to know whether the design with the above mentioned requirements is possible in the dhtmlxScheduler ?
If possible what changes are to be made in the code?

Thank you

tabs are images - so they can be replaced with round ones, without any problems
round corner of whole scheduler will require some css and html template modification , but will work without code modification
scrollbar - there is no way to redefine how scrollbar looks for all browsers, so it is not possible


can you give me a sample html and css script to make a rounded edged border?
thank you,

I don’t think this would be possible… Cause it is to much work, just for your needs!
You got any coding skills yourself?