dhtmlxScheduler - Wordpress Plugin - Edit for guests?

I’ve just installed the wordpress plugin for the scheduler and LOVE it…I love the customised skin generator and the ability to do so much. We’re currently using it to display our class and workshop timetable for the yoga studio my wife and I own.

The question I have is…How can I turn off/disable the pop-up about ‘editing the whole set of repeated events’ for guests? I love the ability to edit and create repeated events, but having users be forced to answer this question is kind of off-putting.

You can see what I mean here: tulipyogastudio.co.uk/index.php/timetable/

a) you can block the ability to edit events for the users through settings
b) you can modify existing codebase to remove confirmation
- open wp-content\plugins\event-calendar-scheduler\codebase\dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js
- locate next string
- replace it with true or false ( based on desired confirmation auto-answer )