dhtmlxSlider in Gantt Lighbox


Is it possible to use your dhtmlxSlider control in the Gantt Lightbox? I would like to use it to set the progress of a task in the lightbox.

If this is possible could you provide a simple example on how to do this?

Thanks a lot.

unfortunately we don’t have an example.
Using a dhtmlxSlider is possible if you define a custom lightbox control which will wrap the slider
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__c … ditor.html

For the reference, you can check how similar task has been done in dhtmlxScheduler. It has a control that uses dhtmlxCombo component:
github.com/DHTMLX/scheduler/blo … tors.js#L8

The implementation dhtmlxSlider control for the gantt should be very similar

I was easily able to do it. Thanks for the support