dhtmlXSlider: making responsive

Is it possible to make dhtmlXSlider responsive and bootstrap compatible?

I would need to have dhtmlXSlider 100% wide of its parent. I have tried to add style=“width: 100%;” to multiple places in the code, however it does not look like the correct way. Even if the dhxsl_container is 100% wide then the dhxsl_runner does not behave normally.

It would be optimal if it were possible to define width of 100% (or any other percentage) during initialisation phase. An example would be good to see. Thank you.


The slider may render self to any size, but it is not really responsive ( the change of style without re-rendering will not size the slider to a new size )

and bootstrap compatible?

There is no any special integration with bootstrap.
Component will not interfere with bootstrap styles, so both frameworks can be used on the same page.

Hi Stanislav,

thank you for the response. Yes, I was afraid of that. dhtmlXSlider can be manually set to any width, and it works without problems. However, if a website is opened on smaller screen or dynamically resized, dhtmlXSlider will not adapt. Therefore, it can hardly be used with Bootstrap. Take care.