dhtmlXSlider & sliderStep = 0.01


What I have:

I use dhtmlXSlider to specify a percentage value from 0 to 100.

The slider’s width is 300px

The slider’s step is set to 0.01

The Slider’s min. value is 0 and the max. value is 100.

The problem is that I can’t set the slider for example to 34.57, it always moves several hundredth forward or backward. So I can’t specifuy the exact percentage value.

Is there any way to make dhtmlXSlider to work more precisely?

Thank you in advance,


With latest version of dhtmlxslider - problem is not reconstructable.
In common case there may be some deviation ( for example 35.55 will be returned as 35.550000000000004 , it is based on the way, how js store decimal numbers )

Of course, when setting values by drag, it will not be possible to input values with such high precise.