DhtmlxSpreadsheet error with IE8

I noted that with IE8 if i click enter while i’m writing on a cell instead of going on the subsequent cell the DhtmlxSpreadsheet adds a char \r\n in the same cell.
And the when I try to reload the spreadsheet I get a javascript error caused by this \r\n char.
Can someone help about this?
Many Thanks

do you use standalone spreadsheet 1.0?
I tried to repeat a problem at local machine, but it works correctly. Could you provide me a link to your spreadsheet?

Yes I use 1.0
I try this with 2 IE8 and with IETester
With one IE8 works and whit the other doesn’t works (same version)
With IETester doesn’t work
But perhaps it is only my problem
I will try the version 2
Mant Thanks