I like the idea of the Spreadsheet as a part of dhtmlx family. As I understand it is the first step into the direction. So for the next release I would recommend considering the following extensions to Spreadsheet’s functionalities:

  1. Cut/Paste (CTRL+X) - now it works like copy (CTRL+C)
  2. Integration with other components.
  3. API - it is really nice to have a spreadsheet on the page, but being able to attach a toolbar with buttons for copy, paste, delete etc actions would be great - please remember the users of application not necesseryly use keyboard shortcuts (actually my professional practice tells otherwise - the most common is right-click and selecting copy/paste or using Edit menu for that purpose)
  4. Possibility to lock/unlock selected cells in order to allow spreadsheet users to modify only certain cells. That requires at least one more column in data table (eg. named “lock”) with a cell status like 1 or 0, and another column in sheet table, like “key2”, that would allow another status of spreadsheet usage, like:
  • no key - full access
  • key - read-only
  • key 2 - locked cells are read-only, the rest - editable
  1. Using values from antoher sheet’s cells in formulas

These are just from a top of my head :slight_smile:



thanks for your feedback, it’s important for us!
We will think about this features, maybe they will be added in the next releases.

Oh, one more thing I totally forgot before:

  • Possibility of localization of the function names in the formulas - eg. using external text file, like with dhtmlxScheduler?

yes, it’s impossible to translate spreadsheet for now, I think it would be useful to implement. Thanks!

if we already caught the right wave here… A marriage between dthmlxSpreadsheet and dhtmlxChart would be very natural thing to think of, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

we don’t have plans to provide integration spreadsheet with chart for now, but maybe this will be implemented in the future.

Is it possible to have a cell contextual menu to format the cell such as DATE formatting. This would trigger the date pop-up calendar when entering cell.

we will think about cell data formatting. It may be added in next releases.
Thanks for your feedback.