dhtmlxSuite 2008 Rel.3

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Do you know when the Release 3 of dhtmlSuite 2008 will be available ?

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There is no exact date defined yet, but the next version planed to be released till the end of August.

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Do you think that the next version will be out at the end of September ?

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This question is realy important for me, because I want to register the commercial licence with only one month free upgrade period. I want to register now, but without reliable information I have to waitโ€ฆ

Apologize for the misleading information.

We are planning to release the next versions of the components this week.

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Do you have any bad/good news ?

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The bad news is that we were too optimistic with the date of the release :frowning:

The good one - we expect that it will be ready the next week.

Sorry for the misleading information.

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I like good news :slight_smile: I want more :wink:

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We plan to release the new version till the end of this week. The updated dhtmlxSuite package isย  ready, we just need to prepare some details for the official release.

Today is release day, happy am I :slight_smile:

10/10/2008 - 16-50 GMT - dhtmlxSuite 2008 Rel 3. - released :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhh yeaaaahhhhh !!!ย  :slight_smile: Great job guys, thanks :slight_smile: