dhtmlxSuite 3.0

Any update on release of new version??

Version 3.0 will be released in the end of May.
If you have dhtmlxSuite PRO license with active support, you can already try the beta of Visual Designer tool, which will be available in DHTMLX 3.0.


Could you please list the new components/features planned for 3.0?
Any new features/enhancements in Grid/TreeGrid components?

This will help me decide between dhtmlx & extJs for my next product.

Vibhav Agrawal

Excellent! dhtmlxTouch v1.0 rc has been released, But I just want to know if dhtmlxSuite v3.0 will be release next week(end of May), It almost four months pass since dhtmlxSuite 3.0 preview has been announce,thanks!

I’m afraid the release is postponed for a month. Hopefully DHTMLX 3.0 will be available till the end of June.

The new features are listed here: dhtmlx.com/blog/?p=876

We do not plan to add new features to Grid/TreeGrid in 3.0 release (except for global datastore and the ability to use them within Visual Designer tool). What new feature would you like to see in the grid?

We’re into July now? Eagerly waiting for your new 3.0 release.

I will not be purchasing 2.6 because I’m waiting for 3.0. No use in setting up and programming projects and then switching half-way to the newer version.

I must say that time is becoming a factor. With a number of projects backing up, if the newer version has no close release date, may be forced to look at ExtJS 4.0. It’s been out and has somewhat stabilize now.

So, any word on when it will be out?

What is the status of the beta version at this date. Will you provide an opportunity to evaluate the product?

The release has been postponed a bit. Version 3.0 will be available till the end of this week.

Thank you for the response with a timeline. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. :smiley: