DhtmlxSuite_45 problem with dhtmlxAjax

I created an application back in 2015 onwards using DhtmlxSuite_45. It worked perfectly. A parked the development of the application in 2020.
I am trying to resurrect the application using Xampp on my Apple Mac. The app fails when it encounters a dhtmlxajax command. Does this command still work in the latest version of browsers? If not is there anything I can do? I’m reluctant to pay for another licence as it is a non commercial application.

Any help would be appreciated.

Very possible that it still works but the old suite has some design flaws that might be considered as security issues, e.g. the use of eval and such, so upgrading might not be a bad idea and if your work is non commercial you might even use the free version?

However, back to your question: what does the F12 debug tab show under console and network tab?

thanks for getting back to me. Not sure it is your code that is the problem. On further investigation the PHP syntax in the latest version of PHP in XAMPP has changed. I have updated my scripts accordingly but I am now getting 500 error in your jS_connector scripts!!. As a further try. I have deleted the XAMPP from my Mac and installed an older version of about the vintage of my code (2015-2016). Now I am getting some cannot find variable error in your js_layout script!!.
I was not aware there is still a free licence for home use. When I am back from holiday I will try downloading it and the try again with the latest version of XAMPP.